Share resource problem


Can anyone help me ?

I am now making some tests on Reportplus.

When sharing a Dashboard with another user, he has access to select all my data source by "my acount"> "Manager data source" and he see all my data source! What can I do to avoid this problem ? 

I want him to see no data source or only the one that I shared with him, but not others. The data source that i shared with him  is a .cvs file  from a websource url

Thanks for your reply!

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    Are you signing in with different ReportPlus users on the same device? If that is the case what you see is expected. We use single storage for data sources and accounts on a device (for Windows it is per Windows User). Only the dashboard storage is per ReportPlus user.

    If that is not the case we may need the rplus file in order to investigate the issue.


    Diyan Dimitrov