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Report Grouping

Hi Guys,

Quick one for you;

Is there any way to apply grouping to a report? I'm looking to run hourly sales reports 1-2,  2-3, 3-4 etc, I have tables for Time but only seem to be able to display all times and can't see an option to group them by hour.



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    Hi Brian,

    I've tried with a few examples and came across a solution that I believe will fit your need:

    As there are no time filters for hours just as you commented, I created a "Day" calculated field, using a function of the same name to return the day number as an integer: HOUR(DATE(year,month,day,hour,minute,second))

    Take a look at the Help Guide explanation for Calculated Fields here

    If your current field is called TIME, then the new calculated field would be defied simply with the expression: DAY([TIME])

    Then, I had to repeat the process creating a second field: HOUR([TIME])

    Two more small steps. Select each of the new fields, then Formatting, then change the Fraction Digit to cero, otherwise it will look strange. Regretfully, the day number and the hours are considered integers now.

    Finally, with both fields created you can now drag them to the Filter section.

    After you save the Dashboard, you can now filter on the right-hand side first by "Day", manually, then the "Hour".

    Hoping to have helped,