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charts with variable time ranges


I need to evaluate whether ReportPlus suites the need of my bank.

We have many offices manually filling some Excel worksheets with productivity volumes data in a calendar grid.

Reading these worksheets as sources, we show some Excel charts with 8 columns:
last year (average), last month (average), last week (average), monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.

Can ReportPlus create charts with such kind of variable time ranges?
Can it do it reading Excel sources?
Can it show such charts on the Android smartphones?

Thanks in advance

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    Hi and thank you for your support request!

    ReportPlus can definitely be configured to suit your needs.

    Let me address your questions one by one.

    Can ReportPlus create charts with such kind of variable time ranges?

    With ReportPlus you can create Dashboards, in which different Widgets are added. These widgets can have different ways to visualize the data. Filters can be added at a widget or at a dashboard level.
    Check the specifics here.

    Can it do it reading Excel sources?

    We support a variety of data sources, Excel sheets in xslx or csv included. From connecting to an Oracle DB, Google Drive or Web Resources. Check the details about working with spreadsheets here.

    Can it show such charts on the Android smartphones?

    You certainly can. ReportPlus has Android, iOS and Desktop versions. The iOS and Desktop ones have the Widget Builder feature in which you create the Dashboards. The Android version is only a viewer of Dashboards, so it would suit your needs.
    For more, check the Android version details here.

    Also, let me show you an example of a Finance Dashboard we have, which comes as well with a tutorial to go over how it was done. Here it is.

    All the best,