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Changing a data source

Is there a way to change a data source on an existing dashboard in the reportplus app?

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    To the Infragistics Team,

    I am also very interested to know if there is a solution for this.



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    Hi Bob,

    To change the data source

    1. Open the dashboard
    2. Tap on Edit
    3. Tap on Dashboard Setting icon
    4. Tap on "Change Data Sources" - this is the last option on the pop-up in version 2
    5. Tap on the file(s) you wish to change
    6. Tap on the required Data Source.  Note: If this is a new data source then you may need to add this to a new widget in the dashboard beforehand
    7. Find and select the file you require, tap on Select
    8. Map the old and new field names.  Note: This is automatic if the field names are the same on both data sources
    9. Tap on Done (twice) when complete - widgets will then refresh automatically
    10. Save the dashboard

    When you next check the path inside the widget it should now show the correct path and filename - must save dashboard first.

    Note: It's advisable to save a copy of the dashboard beforehand



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    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for posting at IG Forums!

    How to change the Data Source in an existent Dashboard.

    1. Go to the Dashboard you want the Data Source to be changed.

    2. Tap “Edit”

    3. Tap “Dashboard Settings”

    4. In “Dashboard Settings” tap “Change Data Sources


    5. You’ll see the next screen.

     6. Tapping on one will give you the option to change a used Data Source or to add new ones by tapping in the + symbol.

    7. If you choose to add a new one the next screen will appear giving you more options to select.


    I hope this helps.

    Should you have further questions please let me know.

    Kind regards,