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SCOM - Operations Manager

When using ReportPlusLite I am able to connect to my SCOM - Operations Manager server and see the reports. I tried to change the values to run the report and receive an error message it is a ReadOnly report. How do I modify the information (database) to get it to work?

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    As far as I am aware, ReportPlus does not have a way to modify the and privileges and user settings of the data source. You must contact your help desk or IT support if you do not have access. If you have the user credentials to access the data source, for example the SharePoint site that contains the Report Plus dashboard who created the report you can then modify the report. Dashboards are still tied to each user's account. The data is protected. You need either add your account on their iPads, create a shared drop box account, or share your dashboards via a public link so they can add the files to their drop box accounts.