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Access violation with PVCombo.ocx


We have a set of vb6 COM dlls which are hosted in one of our applications.  Initially the host application was implemented in vb6. On attempt to re-write it to .NET we've run into a trouble with components using PVCombo.ocx. Any call to an instance of PVComboBox leads to access violation error. Please advise the best way to proceed.

The way we create the COM object is as follows:

            var toolType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(progId);

            if (toolType == null)
                throw new InvalidComObjectException($"The COM object with progid={progId} is not registered.");

            _toolboxComponent = (IArcToolboxTool) Activator.CreateInstance(toolType);

Then we invoke method IArcToolboxTool.Execute() which runs the "problematic" code.

If we do the same in vb6 application, everything works fine.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Viktor,

    These controls haven't been supported in over ten years and even longer since they have been updated.  I am not sure on the answer to the question. However, as you already started to migrate your application to .NET I can suggest you to replace and PVCombo. You can check this article in our forum where were discussed exactly how to achieve this – “Replacement for PVCombo and Ultragrid”.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance on this matter.