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Export to PDF very slow

I'm encountering a problem where the UltraWebGrid Export function is taking several minutes to respond.  I'm rendering the grid to a standard aspx page along with a "View as PDF" button.  Clicking this button triggers a postback which sets some style properties and then the following:

objExporter.ExportMode = Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.Exporter.ExportMode.Download
objExporter.Format = Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.FileFormat.PDF
objExporter.DownloadName = Filename
objExporter.Export(objGrid, objGridSection, objMS, True)

It's the last line where things get hung up.  Interestingly, if I skip adding the grid control to the page on post back, the PDF loads nice and quickly.  It also doesn't display all of the styling so this isn't a great option.  Also, most of our reports are in a Reports subfolder.  Those few that are in the root folder also load nice and quickly.  Not really sure why this would make a difference, but any insight here would be appreciated.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Chris,

    The UltraWebGrid is part of an old toolset, that was retired in 2011. We are not longer eligible to provide support for that. I can recommend to investigate differences between pages that load the pdf nice and those that hang out, there should be a reason for the behavior.