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Infragistics Web Menu Query
We are using Infragistics Web Menu control to display popup menus in our custom control. As per our requirement, we need to add popup menu over the values displayed in the Olap Grid (Olap Grid belongs to Dundas). These values are displayed using label which is added to the cell of the grid in ‘_olapGrid_DataCellRender’ event of the Olap Grid. Menu items of the popup will differ based on the values of the cell. Hence we are adding the popup to each cell in render event of Olap Grid. However the issue is it displays an empty div. If we replace the Olap Grid with Grid View it works fine. Even with other .net controls like Label, Textbox, etc. it works fine. Can you provide any solution over this issue? 
Web Menu
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    It's a bit hard for me to figure out why this happens, since I am not familiar with this third party OLAP control, but I would guess that the render event of the OLAP grid fires too late in the page lifecycle (e.g. in Render) and this is too late to register controls and javascript - they need to be added to the control tree prior to OnPreRender.

    How many menu combinations do you have? Are they a manageable number (e.g. up to 10) - if this is the case, you can register all of them on the client and then display the one needed purely by javascript (by hooking the oncontextmenu event of the grid cell and displaying the appropriate menu there)? Or if this is too tricky, maybe you can try to hook the menus earlier in the cycle (prior to Render?)?