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WebMenu submenu disconnected in User Control

I'm building a User Control that includes a WebMenu and WebGrid.  The problem I have is that when you click on a web menu item that should show a submenu, the submenu isn't always connected to the menu, it may start at the bottom of the grid and in my case that means the submenu goes off the bottom of the page.  The WebMenu and WebGrid are in a WebAsyncRefreshPanel.  I was able to add a Style to the WebMenu and set the customrule to "position:relative" but that only worked for the first time a user clicked on the menu.  If you came back and clicked a second time, the disconnect issue reappeared.

 Are there any issues with putting the WebMenu in a User Control or a refresh panel? 


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    Hello Nathan, 

    Thanks for writing. Yes, there could be some issues with the menu in complex scenarios with nested controls, especially when there are AJAX Updates involved. I believe there are two ways to proceed there:

    1) Since this may very well be a bug in the control itself, you may notify Developer Support department directly (if you have a small subset of the project reproducing the issues, it will be much easier for them to figure out a what is going on). They can be reached at:

    2) We can try to create an workaround revolving around the position:relative idea you have. How do you set position:relative - using HTML or with javascript? If we find a way to set it with javascript, we can hook the client-side RefreshComplete event of WARP (fire each time an update is finished) and add it there as well - this way it will not be cleared by the Ajax Refresh WARP does.


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