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In UltraWebMenu the SubMenuDisplay attribute in tag MenuClientSideEvents is available but when I updated version 20 WebDataMenu .where to find SubMenuDisplay.

In UltraWebMenu the MenuClientSideEvents tag is available but when I updated infragistics  version 20   the control WebDataMenu the tag

.MenuClientSideEvents  could not found .I want to know which is equivalent to this event so that I upgrade my code.

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    Hello Sanjay,

    There is a tag called ClientEvents, where you could add all the client-side event you wish to include. As for your other question regarding, which event is replacing the SubMenuDisplay, I believe it could be replaced with the ItemCollapsed event and then the item text should be checked if it is equal to the text of the sub menu. The code should look similar to this:

    function iexpanded(menu, eventArgs) {

              if (eventArgs.getItem().get_text() == "Sub Menu 1") alert("This sub menu was displayed: " + eventArgs.getItem().get_text());       


    I am also attaching links to our samples, that demonstrate most of the events in both client-side and server-side as well as:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Ivan Kitanov