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IGUltraGrid20.ocx VB6

Hi Alan and UltraSuite team,

We have a unique situation at R1RCM. We have grandfathered an application written VB6 and uses IGUltraGrid20.OCX from a previous company that we can't compile due to license issue. I am ready to buy new license (deprecated) if my VB6 application can compile. 



Sreenivas Kotapati

Director, Software Engineering, Mid Rev Cycle

R1 RCM, Inc. |  |  []

248.921.7648 mobile 

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    Hello Sreenivas, 

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics. Please share your license issue. Do you have the UltraSuite grid tool installed?

    You need to install the toolset to get the licensing for the controls.  You can find what toolset you need by looking at the retired products pdf and comparing the list of assemblies to what you need.

    As far as access to the installer, this will be available from the My Keys and Downloads page once you have registered a license for the toolset. If you need to purchase a license, this can be done from one of our resellers.

    With no guarantees, you may request a trial by contacting our sales team at