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Infragistics ActiveX Component Suite

Hi all

I wonder how I can get some support on the installation issue I have. It relates to the old setup of Infragistics ActiveX Component Suite v 8.04 which was purchased a while ago. Today we need to install it to Windows 10 in order to continue building our VB projects which use this component. Unfortunately, whenever I try to do the installation the process stops in the middle with this kind of screen:


The same error appears when I try to install the following components separately - ActiveToolBar Plus, ActiveTreeD Plus, ActiveTreeView

Installation details:

Installation is run as an Administrator


Environment info:

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard

Version 10.0.7736 Build 17736

X64 bits


Purchase info:

Order Date/Time: 2/19/2013 9:23:48 AM

Order Reference: 010339109