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Unbound checkbox losing state after second postback


We have found the following behavior with Web Grid, and want to confirm if the same is a bug.

Created an Unbound column of CheckBox Type, and placed a 'Test Postback' on the page (outside the WebGrid).

  1. Check one or more Check Boxes

  2. Click 'Test Postback'

    1. It works fine for the first postback.

    2. User sees Check Boxes selected still.

  3. Click 'Test Postback' again

    1. This empties unchecks all Check Boxes in the Column.

Can somebody tell me if this behavior is by design or is a bug?

Also, is there any solution as we need to keep the CheckBox selection as is across all postbacks (Except converting the unbound column to a bound column and preserving its state in source data object).