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How to move UltraWebListbar Group ExpansionIndicatorImage


I am using the UltraWebListbar and I have the ExpansionIndicatorImage displaying aligned right in the Group's Header.  I would like to know how to get the ExpansionIndicatorImage to be displayed before the Group Header Text (i.e., to the left of the Group Header Text).  So, for example, I would like the header to be displayed as follows (left aligned):

 "headerimage.gif"   "expansionindicatorimage.gif"    "headertext"

 can i do this declaratively?  or can i do this on the client using javascript?

 Also, can i specify a Header Template for a UltraWebListbar Group?  If so, can you point be to a sample?

Thank you!

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    The GroupHeader is not Templatable, and there's no built-in mechanism to move the expansionindicator.  You can accomplish this one of two ways.  The first way would be to use Javascript to actually re-parent the Image element, or absolutely position it to the left side of the header.  The second way would be to embed some HTML into the group header text, which would include a new image tag.  If you go this route, you'll need to also figure out a way to hook up the expansion indicator.  Neither approach is as simple as seeting a property, but the javascript manipulation should be relatively straight forward.

    Hope this helps,