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Warp - RefreshResponse or RefreshComplete clientside not fired.


I using Infragistics controls 6.3.20063.53 in my ASP.NET 2.0 application.

I have an UltraWebGrid inside an WebAsyncRefreshPanel.

WebRefreshPanel_InitializePanel is fired first time when the page loads.

RefreshResponse or RefreshComplete clientside events are never being fired.

I am binding data to the Grid on click of a button which is outside WARP.

The data  is bound to the grid only when click the button for the first time. After that it does not work.

But when i debug the code, the server side code is being executed.

I believe  asynchronous refresh is not happening in the background.

Any ideas to make the events fire and refresh the Grid???



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    Suggested Answer

    Hi Ashok,

    In complex applications with async postbacks various things may trigger misbehavior. I suggest you to build a temporary page which you can fill by controls and logic of your original application step by step. For example, to start with, drop on page only WARP with your client events and trigger-button. I expect that all events will work correctly. After that you may put grid inside of WARP without data,with static data and increased complexity of data,- up to architecture of your original page. At some point you will probably get situation when events become lost and logic break.

    You also may add handlers to client side error events of WARP. Though, they hardly will help you to fix application, however, they may help to figure out what kind of problem happens.

    In complex application, async postback may break due to exceptions in ViewStates and broken events triggered EnableEventValidation feature of page. It is possible that is limit of WARP to support scenario of your application.