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Beware .NET framework 2.0 SP1 (WebTab / WARP)

We've encountered a problem with WARP and WebTab that seems to be what is documented by this post:

and a couple more like the post above pertaining to WARP.  We think that the async postback functionality of WebTab and WARP make them susceptible to a new error that manifests after installing .NET Framework 2.0 SP1.  These errors don't manifest under .NET framework 2.0 without the service pack.

 We have a support request in, if we could just get IG to take it seriously.  Seems they tested under .NET framework 2.0 without SP1, didn't see the error, and don't think there's a problem.  We've followed up with them to let them know about the problem being specific to SP1.  Hopefully, we'll see some response soon.

 To validate the SP1 issue, we created a test project under VS2005 and VS2008 using CLR 2.0 versions of IG ASP.NET 7.1, then ran it against machines configured with .NET 2.0, and .NET 2.0 SP1.  As I mentioned before, the problem manifests under SP1, but not under the non-SP1 2.0 install.


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