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16 Bit Installer for Designer Widgets in Win 7 64bit


I'm looking for a way to install/license the ocx's associated with a very early version of designer widgets that uses a 16 bit setup.exe file (which simply won't run in Win 7). I've successfully installed Data WIdgets and Calendar Widgets as well as  VB 6.0 without issues. I'm the original licensed and registered owner.

Is there a way to manually apply a license to the files or manipulate the Setup.W02 through .W05 files? I can get designer widgets to work in XP mode but would prefer to keep everything in the native Win 7 space.

If not, is there a current Infragistics replacement tool(s) that I can essentially 'Drop In' the VB 6.0 environment  to replace Designer Widgets?


Thanks in advance...

Paul Perpich