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Export (Excel+PDF) MultiColumn Header

 Hi folks,

 my first question would be the following. I am trying to Export  a Webgrid which is design with multi column headers. Each time the export works fine except the mutli cloumn header wich i added in  the webgrid's  UWG_InitializeLayout Method the following way.

 In the Browser it works fine. But after Export it is invisible.


Dim ch As New Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.ColumnHeader(True)
        ch.Caption = "Employee's Name"

        ' set the origin to be on the top most level of the header
        ch.RowLayoutColumnInfo.OriginY = 0

        ' extend the newly added header over 3 columns
        ch.RowLayoutColumnInfo.SpanX = 20

        ' add the header into the header layout

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