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We want your feedback/suggestions!


My name is Brent Schooley and I am the Developer Interaction Designer for the NetAdvantage Reporting product.  My job is to make sure your experience with the product is positive and productive.  It's very important to us that we meet your needs with NetAdvantage Reporting so your feedback is very valuable!

Is there something we're missing?  Something that could be made easier/more valuable?  Anything that bugs you that you'd like to see done differently?  Let me know so that I can help get the changes made so that the product is what you need.

If you have thoughts there are a few way you can let me know:

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  • Email me: bschooley at infragistics dot com
  • Twitter: @brentschooley

Let's work together to make this a great product!



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    Just wanted to comment on a few things that would be nice.  And let me preface my suggestions/comments by saying that it's *very* possible that there are ways to do some of the things that I mention and that I just haven't figured out how yet.  :)


    1. I've got reports where multiple parameters are being used.  In order for me to get them to show up in a specific order in the report viewer, I have to preface the Name of the parameter with specific characters.  For example, I have a parameter that is the end date for a query.  In order to have it show up last in the list of parameters that the user can fill in, I have to name it "yEndDate".  So I've got "xStartDate" and "yEndDate" in order to keep the Start Date show up above the End Date in the report viewer.

    2. It would be nice to have a DatePicker control in the report viewer for a DateTime parameter as opposed to straight text.

    3. I love that the reports are in XAML... but it would be nice to be able to right-click on the igr file and select "View Code" (much like other items in VS2010).  Otherwise, how do I get to the XAML?

    4. It would be nice to be able to insert a PageBreak after certain controls in a report (<PageBreak/> element in XAML).

    5. It would be nice to be able to hide/enable/disable parameters in the report viewer based upon the value of another parameter.  For example, I have 3 parameters in a specific report.  First is a boolean "View Surveys with any Date".  Then the next two are "Start Date" and "End Date".  If the user selects "View Surveys with any Date", then I'd like to be able to disable/hide "Start Date" and "End Date".

    I think that's it for now.  If anyone has ways to do these things, I'd love to know about it!  :)

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    I sent you an email with all the relevant information that I have on this software, but lately a coworker and I have started to really discover some memory leak issues when using the report designer in visual studio.  Our machine will run out of memory and visual studio will eventually crash. 

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    Hi Brent

    I am developing a part of a software which is supposed to show, print, create, alter and export reports of the data collected inside the main solution.

    The most amazing solution would be, a control for editing reports (igr-files). We have a relativly static set of Data to export, so I could provide the end-user with a fix set of object-data-sources and, with your help, the possibility to edit his report templates; put in his own coorperation logo, color his own background, pick the fields he would like to display from the definition of the data source(and not those we would have to define hardcoded) ... etc. Afterwards the report should be safed and is then usable for anyone to display the report.

    I also would like to load report templates(igr-files) from anywhere; resources, relative uri, absolute uri, string, and stream.

    I am sure i will come up with more ideas. Those are the ones I would be eager to see being implemented.

    Thanks in advance

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    Offline posted
    • Sort the field names in the expression chooser and allow keypresses to jump to relevant items, e.g. press B to jump to properties begining with b.
    • Make the expression chooser find properties that are higher up the inheritance chain, I appear to be missing properties in the object several layers up, this may be because I'm using Generics.