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Marker Labels clipped by the border of the chart

I've got a line chart and the labels are being clipped by the edge of the chart:

Labels clipped

The chart is built up from data so I can't use the technique of hard coding the minimum and maximum values as suggested in this question.

I tried binding the Minimum and Maximum values to properties in the series, but despite the property values apparently being read (I set a break point and it was hit) I just got an error message displayed where the chart should be:

> XamWebChart Warning: If the AutoRange is set to false, Maximum must be greater than Minimum and Unit value must be greater than zero.

So I need to either:

1. Know how to bind the axis range correctly so I can set it to values that are large enough to see the label on the highest peak


2. Increase the size of the ScenePanel so that the label on the highest peak is visible.

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    Hello Chris,


    I am just checking the progress of this issue and was wondering if you managed to achieve your goal or if you need any further assistance on the matter.

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