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Testing Infragistics UltraGrid 2006 with RFT 7.0.1 or higher

Hi~ We are testing an application which adopts tons of Infragistics UltraGrid (2006) with RFT 7.0.1 or higher. Before installing TestAdvantage_WinForms_IBM_20073.exe, during the recording phase, we tried to use "Object Finder" to create a verification point on a cell data of UltraGrid, RFT only recognized the whole grid object so we can't do meaningful verification, but the script can be executed well. After installing TestAdvantage, RFT can capture cell data of UltraGrid when creating verification point, but during script playback phase, RFT failed to recognize many common objects like buttons, so the testing failed. I have tried TestAdvantage with RFT 7.0.1,, iFix02 and even 8.0 open beta, all the same results.... Any idea or workaround would be appreciated.

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