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IsGroupByRows property on RowsCollection

When I try to get the value for the IsGroupByRows property of the RowsCollection I am getting "Invalid Property name: Property IsGroupByRows not found.."

Here's what I'm using:
Dim IsGroupBy As Boolean = myUltraGrid.GetNAProperty("Rows.IsGroupByRows")

According to the API in the online documentation IsGroupByRows is a public property for the RowsCollection.

However... I am resigned to using the online help for 2007 VOl3 (CLR 2.) because 2007 Vol1 (which is the NetAdvantage version we're using) is not listed under availble online documentation.

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    IsGroupByRows property off the rows collection was an internal property in 7.1 that is why GetNAProperty cannot find it. The property was made public starting in 7.3.

    There is a workaround to check if a row is a group by row. There is a "IsGroupByRow" property on the Row object, so you can do something like this to check if a row is a groupBy row:


    If you want the 7.1 copy of the API for NetAdvantage you ask your developer to send you a copy of the CHM file for NetAdvantage help.

    I hope this was helpful