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recognition of dropdown values within a grid

Environment:  Visual Studio 2005 SP1, Test Advantage 8.3, controls are from .NET Advantage 8.3.

When clicking on the drop down arrow on the control which in a cell of a grid, it is properly recognized as:

                GrdItemListTable2().Click(AtList( _
                                            AtCell( _
                                            AtRow(AtLocation("AddRow")), _
                                            AtColumn(AtText("GL Account"))), _

However, when clicking on a value in the drop down it's only recorded as:

                Click(AtCell(AtRow("ID", "Auto"), AtColumn(AtText("ID"))))

Which generates an error: Name 'Click' is not declared.  I'm assuming this is because there is no object recognized?  Any idea how to work around this, or what I might be doing wrong?