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addition of subitem of menubar

In my application i want to click Requirements Analysis Tool and click Export Requirements and then to click Export as APPLICATION requirements:A

I have written the below code

startApp ("WINWORD");





requirementsAnalysisToolmenu().click(atText("Export Requirements")); 




requirementsAnalysisToolmenu().click(atList(new Subitem[]{atPath("Export Requirements"),atName("Export as APPLICATION requirements:A")}));

it goes and clicks only Export requirements and then fails stating that sub item not found



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    Assuming that "Export Requirments" and "Export as Application requirements:A" are the visible text of the toolbar tools then you simply can use:

    requirementsAnalysisToolmenu().click(AtPath("Export Requirements->Export Requirements->Export as APPLICATION requirements:A"))

    That should work for your case.