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Visual Studio 2012 support?


I saw that the last winform release is 2012.1

It does support Visual Studio 2010 but not VS2012.

Is this support planned? Is it working (even not officially)?
Is there a plugin roadmap for winform components?



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    TestAdvantage for Windows Forms works with either HP Quick Test Professional or IBM Rational Functional Tester and does not rely on Visual Studio. 

    If you are actually asking about NetAdvantage for Windows Forms, we added support to the beta of Visual Studio 11 in a service release for NetAdvantage 2011 Volume 2.  Support for the beta was also included in the release of NetAdvantage 2012 Volume 1.  Now that Visual Studio 2012 is released, it is expected that the controls will work and if you see any issues please let us know.

    If you are looking to install the help locally with only Visual Studio 2012 installed and not having Visual Studio 2010 installed, this will be possible with the release of NetAdvantage 2012 Volume 2 which is expected in October.

    Let me know if you have any questions with this matter.