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QTP not recognizing some of app objects

App developed by using .Net 2005, Framework 2.1, Infragistics.    Installed QTP 9.5 (with .Net Addin) and TestAdvantage_WinForms_HP_20091_CLR2x_Trial.  QTP is able to identify some of the objects like swfButtons but swfEdit and other objects are not recognizing properly.   Please provide, Is there any additional s/ws are required install or any settings are required to change/modify?

Thanks in ADVANCE.


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    The first thing to verify is that you are using the correct version of TestAdvantage.  The version of TestAdvantage needs to match the version of NetAdvantage that was used to develop the AUT.  If your application was developed with an older version of NetAdvantage, then you will want to obtain a trial of that version of TestAdvantage.  Older trial downloads can be found on the archived downloads page.

    If you are using the correct version of TestAdvantage, then it is likely a configuration issue.  In this case, you should look at this post:

    Let me know if you have any questions with this matter.