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QTP 10.0 with Infragistics Test Advantage

Hi Guys,

I found some useful information in discussion forums in this site.I am new to this.

Our application is developed in .NET 2.0, Web Services, WSE 3.0, Infragistics

NetAdvantage 2007 Volume 1, XCeed Chart for .NET 4.0, Xceed Zip for .NET 3.2, Xceed Zip

Compression Library 6.0, DataDynamics ActiveReports 3.

Basically it is a window based app .So initially  i tried with ony QTP10 with .net add-in.

Nothing was recognized by QTP as we are using third party controls.So we contacted HP for

 support and they suggested to go with extensiblity. But i realized that it is bit difficult to

modify config files and better to use test advantage thru some forums.I got trial

version from Infragistics with same version of net advantage.Now i can see some of my

object names in the script and i got the confidence that we can do auotmation in the

combination of qtp and test advantage.

Here my questions are like:

1. Howfar the test advantage supports these kind of applications? can we automate

application 100% or do we need to get any other softwares again?

2. Second is , in future dev may upgrade the net advantage versions. So that time again,

do we need to buy test advantage or does this package(test advantage) includes all versions?

3. Do we need to change the QTP scripts whenever the upgrades happend?

4. What is suggestable? Better to go with Extensiblity or Test Advantage?

Please any one can help me on this.