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TA 7.1 WinTree Cell Editing Demo not launching on win 2008 64 bit


We used to launch "WinTree Cell Editing Demo" from sample folder and run a qtp script on them to load the dlls.

On win 2008 64bit this sample application is not launching. The error is "the 'microsoft..jet.oledb.4.0' is not registered on the local machine".

TA version is 7.1CLR2.0.

I would greatly appreciate help on this topic.





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    Hi Rohit,

         What I believe is the likely cause is that QuickTest Professional(QTP) does not work correctly with native 64ibit applications under test(AUT). Prior to the release of TestAdvantage 2010 Volume 1, our samples by default were compiled to work with any CPU platform. In 32-bit environments this works fine, but in 64-bit environments they are automatically treated as a 64-bit application and as such will not work with QTP. This should be corrected via service release for 2009 Volume 1 forward, and in release for TestAdvantage 2010 Volume 1 forward, where we compiled the samples targeting the 32-bit platform.

         For versions of TestAdvantage prior to 2009 Volume 1, you will need to force the 32-bit flag onto the application. You do this via the CORFLAGS.EXE utility supplied by Microsoft.

    Depending on your system this may be installed in different places. I've seen it in different places on XP64 and Vista X64:

    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0\Bin\x64\CorFlags.exe
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\CorFlags.exe

    Run this from the command line with the path / filename of the app you want to change and the switch /32BIT+ to turn on 32-bit mode, e.g.:

       CorFlags.exe TheApp.exe /32BIT+

    You should only need to run this once for the sample applications as you typically will not recompile them. For applications your own AUT's you may want to either compile them to target the x86 platform, at least for testing purposes, either that or you will need to run CorFlags each test release.

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