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Error while seleting item from Wpf Combobox in QTP


I am getting error while selecting item from wpf combobox. We are using xamcombobox in our application. But when i am writing code like wpfwindow(a).wpfcombobox(b).select "a", is it showing error like object does not have this property.

When i have tried to used exist property it returned true.

Please give any solution to this problem.



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    Hello Tushar,

    That syntax doesn't look right if trying to write code against our XamComboEditor.  A select action should look like this:

    WpfWindow("mainwindow").XamComboEditor("combo").SelectItem "a"

    Our documentation here shows this:

    If the Infragistics TestAutomation for WPF AddOn is installed and enabled when QTP starts up then the Infragistics comboeditor control should be identified as XamComboEditor.  If QTP is identifying it as a WpfComboBox then one of 2 things is occurring.  1.) the TestAutomation AddOn is not enabled.  When QTP starts up, the add on manager should show you what add ons are enabled / disabled.  The Infragistics TestAutomation add on needs to be checked before continuing. 2.) The combobox in the application is not a XamComboEditor control but instead a normal Microsoft combobox.  If this is the case then the TestAutomation addon is not going to be useful there since it only works with Infragistics controls.