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Getting "Object doesn't support this action/property" with XamDataGrid

I've just downloaded TestAdvantage for WPF 11.1 Trial version, and try running it with QTP for testing our app developed with NetAdvantage 10.3.

I'm trying to test the XamDataGrid object. QTP Object Spy is able to identify the XamDataGrid object, however none of the method or property of XamDataGrid works for me and throwing error "Object doesn't support this action" or "Object doesn't support this property".

For example, here is the scripts I ran:

'Trying to get the cell data of the Institution field on the 3rd line of the XamDataGrid

strCellValue = Window("Synergy Desktop Manager").Window("Hitlist View").WinObject("AfxFrameOrView100").WpfWindow("Results:").XamDataGrid("XamDataGrid").GetCellData ("{2}[Institution]")

msgbox strCellValue

Getting error "Object doesn't support this action"

Here is some info about my system:

- I am running QTP 11.0 on Windows Server 2008R2 64 bit.

- My app is a 32-bit WPF app developed with NetAdvantage 10.3.

- I've applied all the required QTP patches,  QTP_00699, QTPNET_00113 and QTPNET_00114. Here is something wierd, although I've applied the patch 00114, and it stated the patch had been successfully installed, however patch 00114 is NOT listed in the applied QTP patches in QTP Product Information page, while the other 2 patches are listed.

Could you please shed some light on my issue?




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