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Issues with UFT 11.53


We use TestAdvantage Infragistics for HP Unified Functional Testing. Now we updated to UFT 11.53 and it doesn't detect ultraTaskBar-Objects anymore. Is there already a known solution? Or which is the required Infragistics version for UFT 11.53?

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    Infragistics TestAutomation formerly known as TestAdvantage should work with UFT 11.53. That being said, to my knowledge I don't think Infragistics has a TaskBar control. Are you refering to the UltraTrackBar, or perhaps the UltraToolbarsManager? The only other control I can imagine would be UltraMon by RealTime software. If it is the latter, then you would need to contact either RealTime software or likely HP, as HP sometimes implements support for non-inbox VisualStudio controls. Which may have been the case.

    Hope this helps,