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DataChartView not appearing

Hello, I am trying to add a DataChartView into my Xamarin.Android project. I've already added "Infragistics.AndroidBindings" to my references.

The following is my cs code.


LinearLayout view = FindViewById(Resource.Id.chart_panel);

DataChartView chart = new DataChartView(this);

NumericYAxis yAxis = new NumericYAxis();
yAxis.Label = "y";
yAxis.LabelTextSize = 10.0f;

CategoryXAxis xAxis = new CategoryXAxis();
xAxis.Label = "x";
xAxis.LabelTextSize = 10.0f;


LineSeries series = new LineSeries();
series.ValueMemberPath = "";
series.Title = "Test Data Chart";
series.XAxis = xAxis;
series.YAxis = yAxis;
series.Thickness = 4;
series.MarkerType = MarkerType.None;




If I try adding another control such as a LinearGaugeView, I am able to see the control but when adding a DataChartView, nothing displays.