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DataFormatString on dynamic WebDataGrid in VB.Net

I have a Datatable that I attach as a datasource to a Webdatagrid. The Datatable has dynamically chosen columns with dynamically chosen order. As such I never know which columns will be selected and in which order they will be. I do know the Column headers and would like to format the columns that have currency in their fields to have a $ in front of them and 2 decimals after them. I'm not able to figure out how to do this. 

For example:

WebDataGrid1.DataSource = dt

For Each col In WebDataGrid1.Columns
If col.Caption = "Total" Then


End If

I can see 

WebDataGrid1.Columns(0).FormatFieldMethod = New FormatRecordItemValue()

But iterating through webdatagrid1 I can't find  col.FormatFieldMethod 

I can also not find what to pass to FormatRecordItemValue as it constantly tells me I'm entering the wrong value. I tried following the example in