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How to draw or design Infragistics WebDropDown control or any Infragistics web controls at runtime?


In my web page I want to design WebDropDown but at runtime. Now what I am doing is I am creating a variable string like "<ig:WebDropDown ID="WebDropDown1" runat="server" Width="200px"></ig:WebDropDown>" and submited it to specific <div>'s innerHTML but in the browser it is not showing me any control, instead it is showing me blank space!

I am looking forward for your fast response.


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    Hi Smitesh,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to insert an ASP.NET control into a specific page element's innterHTML during runtime, on the client side? 
    Unfortunately, that cannot happen, as the ASP element is not standard HTML and cannot be recognized by the browser.

    What you could do is tell the server side to render certain controls depending on certain conditions (depending on the user's input, for instance):
    ASP.NET page lifecycle

    Dynamic Server Controls and View State
    Dynamically rendering server controls

    Another approach you can take is to check out the IgniteUI library, which is specifically designed to target the client side of a site. An example control that could work for your case is the Combo Box.

    Feel free to reply here if you're still experiencing issues or have any additional questions,



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