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Transfer Webdatagrid Cell from webdatagrid1 to webdatagrid2 from code behind

hello ,

 i need to take the values from webdatagrid and inject to another webdatagrid from code code behind , i already took the values from the grid and i need to save in another grid ,

how i can do that ?

here's a picture demo that what i want to do : 

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    If you want to change the values on the server, you should change the value in the DataSource and rebind the whole grid. If you are changing it on the client, it is changing it with the assumption it will be updated in the Source at the next postback if EditingCore behavior is enabled.

    In addition you might be interested in our Drag and Drop framework and more especially WebDatGrid row dragging, more on that you can find here.