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losing custom CSS when changing resources in WebMonthView /WebScheduleInfo

I have a WebMonthView that i'm applying css classes to each appointment.

like this... app.Style.CssClass += " DONOTOPEN"; where app is an appointment object in an AppointmentsCollection

  protected void ColourAppointments(AppointmentsCollection app1, List<AppointmentObject> app2)


foreach (Infragistics.WebUI.WebSchedule.Appointment app in app1)

This works great when the page loads with data or posts back.

The WebMonthView has 3 tabs/active resources I'm handling the ActiveResourceChanging event....

    void WebScheduleInfo1_ActiveResourceChanging(object sender, ActiveResourceChangingEventArgs e)
        if (e.ResourceDataKey != "")
            switch (e.ResourceDataKey)
                case "3":
                    CurrentResourceKey = "1,2";
                    CurrentResourceKey = e.ResourceDataKey;
            FilterWebSchedule(null, null); //Refilter with the new resource key set
            ColourAppointments(WebScheduleInfo1.Appointments, CurrentCalendarAppointments);
            ColourAppointments(WebScheduleInfo2.Appointments, CurrentCalendarAppointments);
            ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "appointmenticons", "CreateAppointmentIcons();", true);

this applies the CSS to the appointment objects again in ColourAppointments, but the objects aren't getting the CSS classes when i inspect them in the browser