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How To Get Web Api 2.2 Working With Ninject.

Hello everyone!

Could someone  provide an up to date set of instructions on how to get Web API 2.2 working  with Ninject on IIS site.  I have downloaded from Nuget Ninject.WebApi which includes Ninject, Ninject.Web.Common  and  Ninject.WebApi.  I also downloade Ninject.Common.WebHost.  I have entered my bindings to NinjectWebCommon.Register.Servides method.   But WebApi is always using the default constructor.   I have tried with the DependencyResolver and without. routerlogin

I would be glad to any advice.Thanks.

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    Hello Henry,

    Since this question is not related to any of Infragistics toolsets my suggestion would be to address it in the Ninject GitHub repository here.

    If you have any Infragistics related questions please let me know and I would be glad to assist you.

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