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How to use Infragistics CSS in new ASP.NET Web Forms app

I created a new ASP.NET Web Forms app and placed an Infragistics web control onto the Site.Master page, but do not know how to use Infragistics CSS to style the control.

How do I use Infragistics css styles in a WebForms app?  (Not MVC)

Stupid newbie questions:

1. Should I include an Infragistics css file from somewhere? Where is it located? What file name?

2. Should I copy an Infragistics folder structure to my app folders? Which Infragistics folders? Where are they located?

3. Do I need to specifically set CSS properties on Infragistics web controls, or will they "find" the css somewhere?

4. Is there a way to easily change the style of all Infragistics controls in my app with a few simple clicks?