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Help needed in migrating ultragrid scripts to equivalent scripts of WebHierarchicalDataGrid


I am trying to migrate from Ultragird 10.3 version to the latest WebHierarchicalDataGrid, but stumbled upon the following DisplayLayout and ALL the scripts mentioned below. It would be great to find the equivalent of the following in WebHierarchicalDataGrid.

Many thanks,


<DisplayLayout AllowAddNewDefault="Yes" AllowDeleteDefault="Yes" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
                        AllowSortingDefault="Yes" RowHeightDefault="36px" Version="3.00" GridLinesDefault="Horizontal"
                        SelectTypeRowDefault="Single" ViewType="OutlookGroupBy" GroupByColumnsHiddenDefault="Yes"
                        HeaderClickActionDefault="SortSingle" BorderCollapseDefault="Separate" RowSelectorsDefault="No"
                        Name="UltraWebGrid1" TableLayout="Fixed" CellClickActionDefault="RowSelect" NoDataMessage="sample text"
                        <Pager PageSize="20">
                            <PagerStyle BackColor="White" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" Cursor="Default">
                                <BorderDetails ColorLeft="White" ColorTop="White" WidthLeft="1px" WidthTop="1px" />
                        <HeaderStyleDefault Wrap="True" HorizontalAlign="Left" Height="36px">
                        <RowSelectorStyleDefault Width="0px" Height="0px">
                            <Padding Bottom="0px" Left="0px" Top="0px" Right="0px"></Padding>
                            <Margin Bottom="0px" Left="0px" Top="0px" Right="0px"></Margin>
                        <FrameStyle Width="100%" Height="99%">
                            <Padding Bottom="0px" Left="0px" Top="0px" Right="0px"></Padding>
                            <Margin Bottom="0px" Left="0px" Top="0px" Right="0px"></Margin>
                            <BoxStyle CssClass="gridGroupByBox">
                            <BandLabelStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" CssClass="gridCaption">
                        <GroupByRowStyleDefault CssClass="gridCaption">
                        <ClientSideEvents KeyDownHandler="UltraWebGrid1_KeyDownHandler" DblClickHandler="UltraWebGrid1_DblClickHandler"
                            CellClickHandler="UltraWebGrid1_CellClickHandler" BeforeRowActivateHandler="UltraWebGrid1_BeforeRowActivateHandler"
                            MouseUpHandler="UltraWebGrid1_MouseUpHandler" BeforeSortColumnHandler="UltraWebGrid1_BeforeSortColumnHandler"
                        <ActivationObject BorderStyle="None">
                            <BorderDetails StyleLeft="None" StyleRight="None" />
                            <ExpandImage Url="../images/plus.png" />
                            <CollapseImage Url="../images/minus.png" />

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    Offline posted

    Hello Kamrul,

    There are some crucial architectural differences between the UltraWebGrid and WebDataGrid/WebHierarchicalDataGrid controls and as such there isn’t a one-to-one mapping between properties and events between the UltraWebGrid and the newer WebDataGrid /WebHierarchicalDataGrid.

    What I would recommend you is starting from the documentation of the WebDataGrid/ WebHierarchicalDataGrid and then reviewing the following migration guide:

    There is no equivalent to the DisplayLayout in the WebDataGrid /WebHierarchicalDataGrid, instead the Behaviors collection, provides different set of behaviors used for the different features provided by the grid, such as Sorting, Selection, Activation, Paging and RowSelectors. As for the ClientSideEvents, they are set on the different tag elements of the WebHierarchicalDataGrid (for example the DoubleClick event) as well as on its behaviors (for example CellSelectionChanged)

    In addition to this, you could also review our sample browser, it contains many different application scenarios, which demonstrate the features of the grid, the link for it could be found below:

    There is also a WebDtaGrid/WebHierarchicalGrid cheat sheet, that is a step-by-step guide to using the features and behaviors of both grids. Steps and code for both grids is listed side-by-side for easy comparison among the controls. You can access it here:

    Please review the information above and let me know if you have any issues while migrating any of the features or if any questions arise.

    Ivan Kitanov