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Handling *SelectionChanged-events in JavaScript through the CSOM

HI all,


I'm wondering what's the "correct" way to handle the Row-/Column-/CellSelectionChanged-events in the browser. ASP.NET AJAX already provides an event framework, the WebDataGrid, however, seems to roll its own implementation here.

Please have a look at the attached example: Grid 1 assigns the handler on the server side, in grid 2 i tried to assign handlers through 'addClientEventHandler' (does not work) and in grid 3 i've used the 'setClientEvent' function instead (works).

So i can get it to work after all, however only by using the 'setClientEvent' function which is documented as being "For internal use only". And there's a downside to using that function: The grid's 'clientEvent' implementation allows for only one handler at a time, whereas with ASP.NET AJAX, i can attach several.