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Composite Charts with overlapping areas

We're trying to use webchart (7.1.1061) to create a composite chart (file system deployment, PNG type), with areas that overlap (think one area 100% wide, 100% high, with an overlapping area 50% of that area).  In the designer and on render, the overlap areas are rendered over by the larger area.  Changing the stack of the areas in the designer (using the up/down icons on the designer page for areas) doesn't help.  Rendering with back ground, chart fills, area fills (PEs) at any transparency level doesn't help.

 Are we missing something?  Why do these transparency settings exist if they don't have any effect?

 Infragistics, are you out there?

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    Sorry, we figured it out... somehow our data series bindings were being lost, and so without data, the chart failed to render..

     Actually, this was the old one - delta - 10 - tango problem rearing its ugly head.