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WebDropDown AutoPostBack Problem

I can't figure out how to get the WebDropdown to autopostback ONLY when I have actually selected an item.

Using your own example shows the problem that I'm having.  Please go to this page:

Now, click in the webDropDown, delete the text, and type just a 'B'.   An autopostback happens, and says that I have selected "Berglunds snabbköp".  Which is not the case - the webdropdown only has a 'B' in it.

I don't want a postback to happen until I either hit <enter> or click on a item.   To further clarify my need, lets say that you actually wanted to select the second "B" item, which is "Blauer See Delikatessen".  I want to be able to type "Bl" and not have a postback happen after the "B". 

In my case, I'm setting EnableAutoFiltering="Client", which will filter the results.  So, I want to be able to type a "B", and the result is filtered, BUT no postback happens yet, because I haven't selected anything yet.  Then I type"L" (which filters, so "Blauer See Delikatessen", is now the first item - the item that I really want, so I now hit <enter>.  This is when I want the autopostback to happen - because only now have I actually selected something.  Up until now, I've only been typing.