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Hide scroll bar in webdayview

Hi, i've a problem. How i can hide the scroll bar in my wedday view? I tryed to add the css class


{overflow: hide;}


but nothing. The scroll bar dont want to hide. Can someone help me? Please?


P.S: Sorry for my english

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    Hello, gabriele.


    It has been some time since your post, however in case you still need assistance I would be glad to help.

    As you suggested, in order to hide the scrollbar from WebDayView control, you have to set the overflow style attribute. The corresponding element is a div with ID “WebDayView1_divScroll” (WebDayView1 is the ID of your control). You also have to make the overflow declaration “important” to be able to overwrite the inline style, applied to the element. Here is the CSS rule:




        overflow: hidden !important;



    If you need any further assistance on the matter please do not hesitate to ask.

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