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Get value from dropdown provider in grid

I have a cascading dropdown scenario in the webdatagrid.  In order to populate the second dropdown, I need to value of the selecteditem in the first dropdown.  The following javascript firest on the CellEditing_EnteredEditMode event and gives me a value, but the value does not appear to be for the dropdown on the correct row.


 if (args._editor._id.indexOf("ddlTeams") > -1) {
                var editorID = sender._editorProviders._items[1]._editor._id;
                var val = getWDDLValue(editorID);

function getWDDLValue(wddlID) {
           var wddl = $find(wddlID);
            var item = wddl.get_items().getItem(wddl.get_selectedItemIndex());
            if (item != null) {
                return item.get_value();
            } else {
            return null;

I need the value, not the text since the query that populates the second dropdown requires it.

Any help appreciated!



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