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Adding a Modified Row to teh editing core.

Hi ,

I have a web data grid (<ig:EditingCore Enabled="true" BatchUpdating="false">) v12.1,

which is inside an Update Panel and also a have Button to save the changes on a single Go to save everything.

While i am making some changes and click on the Save button, the row i am modifying , does not get added to the Editing Core.

so i added these three client events

//Save button Client event


function btnSave_onclick() {


var grid = $IG.WebDataGrid.find('<%= wdgCCRChangeAppliers.ClientID %>');


var editing = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore();



 //event 2



 function  exitEditMode(webDataGrid, evntArgs) {





 //event 3


function valueChanged(webDataGrid, evntArgs) {




by doing so, now i am able to get the modified rows added if the clumns are simple bound columns i.e. Simple text columns unlike drop down or Date Picker.

What i mean is that if i edit simpe text cells of a row and click Save directly without focusing out of the modified text cell, i am able to get the row added to the editing core.

But if the cell i am modifying is Date picker or any drop down, the row does not get added to the editing core.

Kindly help.



Parthiban Sekar