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WebCalendar ActiveDayChanged Event not firing

Hi all,

I have a problem with the WebCalendaView (WCV). Do the following to reproduce:

1.) Put a WCV, a WebScheduleInfo (WSI) and a WARP on an empty WebForm. The WCV shall NOT be in the WARP.
2.) Add a label to the WARP
3.) Bind the WCV to the WSI
4.) Add a ClientScript Handler for the ActiveDayChanged Event of the WSI. In the Handler do a refresh of the WARP (Warp.refresh();)
5.) Now add a ServerSide EventHandler for the ActiveDayChanged Event of the WSI like this:

    Private Sub WebScheduleInfo1_ActiveDayChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As     Infragistics.WebUI.WebSchedule.ActiveDayChangedEventArgs) Handles WebScheduleInfo1.ActiveDayChanged
        Me.lblTest.Text = Me.WebScheduleInfo1.ActiveDayUtc.Value
    End Sub

6.) Start the App and Click on the days of the WCV directly. The WARP refreshes and in the label is the date you clicked.
7.) Now click on the Today footer or the navigation arrows. the WARP and Label work correctly. But when you click on a  day directly now, the event won't fireanymore!!!

This is what I found out so far. My actual Problem is - I'm using the WCV in a Listbar and when I change the selected Group the WCV shows the same strange behaviour. It doesn't fire the event. Only when I use the Arrows or the Today footer. And it is not positioned inside a WARP or an UpdatePanel.

By the way, when you put the WCV or WSI in the TriggerControlIds list of the WARP it doesn't trigger a async refresh when you click a date!