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WebDataMenu does not render correctly in IE

I have a project under framework 4.0, infragistics 16.2

I have a very basic WebDataMenu inside a webdialog in a Master Page.

It renders correctly on load in Chrome and in FF. It also renders correctly in IE11 when I run it locally from under the Visual Studio 2012.

The problem is that WebDataMenu does not render correctly when I run it off production web server in IE - the problem occurs on load, and there is no custom code involved.


When I attempt to inspect the menu in IE, I get a js error:

 “Unable to get property 'style' of undefined or null reference” in __hideItem: function(item)

After reading up on this error, I found out that if I turn off Compatibility View in IE, the menu works.


Question – is there a way to have WebDataMenu working in IE regardless of Compatibility View settings?

<ig:WebDataMenu ID="UltraWebMenu1" runat="server" StyleSetName="Nautilus" Width="99.9%"
                        WebMenuStyle="WebStandard" EnableAppStyling="True" StyleSetPath="~/ig_res"  Enabled ="true" 
                        EnableViewState="False" TargetFrame="" GroupSettings-Orientation="Horizontal"  >
                            <ig:DataMenuItem Text="File">
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="Home" ImageUrl="~/Images/open-32x32.png" CssClass="menuitem"></ig:DataMenuItem>
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="" IsSeparator="True"></ig:DataMenuItem>
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="Exit" ImageUrl="~/Images/Log-out-20.png" CssClass="menuitem"></ig:DataMenuItem>
                            <ig:DataMenuItem Text="Help">
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="Contents" ImageUrl="~/Images/help_16.png" CssClass="menuitem"></ig:DataMenuItem>
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="About" ImageUrl="~/Images/info_16.png" CssClass="menuitem"> </ig:DataMenuItem>
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem IsSeparator="True" Text=""></ig:DataMenuItem>               
                                    <ig:DataMenuItem Text="Contact" ImageUrl="~/Images/address_16.png" CssClass="menuitem"></ig:DataMenuItem>

Menu Rendering

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    Thank you for the code and images you have sent.

    In what compatibility version of IE are you running your application? Is your browser set to IE6/7 compatibility view?



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