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Spell check from subfolders with single dialog and dictionary file

In my previous release I had most of my primary pages in the rootfolder along with the spellchecker dialog.

I had the dictionary file in a subfolder called dictionary. Everything worked fine, in this release,

I had to organize the site with subfolders for the primary pages. This broke the spellcheckers. I could not

get the webspellchecker controls to recognize the dialog from a subfolder, so I copied it into each

subfolder. Then I cannot get the control to find the dictionary file. I then had to put a copy of the

dictionary file into each folder. This is fine, however, due to the way users access the site and have to

have read/write permissions on the folders, it poses a security risk and IT has to assign special

permissions. Is this a bug or flaw in the control, or is there a way to get the dialog to find other folders

from a subfolder? I've tried setting server.mappath in the codebehind and all the html referencing like

(..\, ~\, ..\..\, etc) but nothing words.