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LoadItems Problem

Does anyone know how to get the LoadItems method to not automatically open the dropdown control after loading? It also automatically gets the focus. I don't want the focus to change. If you have an example doing it with jquery, that will work as well. 

I need to load numerous webdropdown controls at once, and I don't want to use an UpdatePanel because it is too slow and passes the whole page, and the loaditems method opens the webdropdowns up and sets the focus for some reason.

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    We have addressed this issue and in the latest builds you should be able to set a second parameter to the loadItems function which will instruct the dropdown to whether open or not open it automatically. 

    loadItems("text", false) ; // this will NOT open the container after items are received

    loadItems("text", true); // explicitly setting second parameter to true will open the container - that was the behavior so far

    Hope it helps. Thank you,


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