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Experiencing odd issue with output from WebHierarchial DataGrid - Missing something basic

Hi, This could be a simple issue with some configuration missing on my website. I am loading a WHDataGrid on demand. The data loading is all fine.

My ultimate goal is to be able to run this aspx under a website as an application. I am experiencing some weird issue with the presentation when I drop the aspx/dll under a website (under IIS 7)  vs running it as a independent web project. When the aspx/dll is placed under a website, the grid loses all its formatting and shows as plain data grid. Where as when running as a independent web project, it renders just fine as a hierarchial data grid. See screenshots attached.

The website is running under apppool with .net Framework version v2.0.50727 and Pipeline Mode "Integrated" ... IIS 7.0.  Both outputs are from the same development machine.

Can someone please advice what am I missing here?

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    I think I figured it out. I was missing the ig_res folder contents under my web application directory. Hence the formatting was all hosed up. After copying the ig_res folder, it now renders fine. Thanks!